The Elaine Rudow Cancer Foundation

"Dedicated to Elaine rudow and her 16 year fight Against breast cancer"

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Our Pledge

A guaranteed 100% of all donations which run through the Elaine Rudow Cancer Foundation are channeled to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for the ongoing fight against breast cancer. 

Volunteers do not receive renumeration or coverage of any expenses. 

The Elaine Foundation gratefully acknowledges those many private and corporate donors who actively support the mission to save more lives from breast cancer. 

Important Facts & Figures

By the numbers

Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer among American women following skin cancer. About 1/8 women in the United States will develop an invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. 

Self Breast Exam

Many women don't do their monthly breast self exams either because they don't know how to, or they are just frightened, or simply forget. This is a video showing you how to do your exam, and hopefully will someone out there. Early detection saves lives! Do an exam every month.

Keep Informed

Be up to date to the most recent outbreaks in Breast Cancer research and medical findings. 

Meet Survivors Near You


Are you looking to connect with other young women diagnosed with breast cancer? Local YSC Face 2 Face networks (F2F) are grassroots support and social networks that bring together young women at all stages of a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment or recovery to support, empower and learn from each other. 


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